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Base/Washer/Coil Bobbin
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    产品型号 图纸编号 备   注
    Model  Drawing No. Remarks
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1544 Φ6.8mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1543 Φ9.5mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1655 Φ9.6mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1612 Φ11.0mm,2+2 SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1129 Φ12.3mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1656 Φ12.4mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1303 Φ12.5mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-0272 Φ13.0mm  SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1542 Φ13.2mm  SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1132 Φ13.5mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1633 Φ14.0mm, SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1611 Φ14.0mm,2+2 SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-0984 Φ15.0mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1127 Φ15.5mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-0297 Φ16.0mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1651 Φ16.0mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1759 Φ21.0mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1694 Φ25.0mm SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1620 3+3 SMD Base (106-6)
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1630 3+3 SMD Base (165-6)
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1386 4+4 SMD Base
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1619 4+4 SMD Base (391-B)
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1678 4+4 SMD Base 
    SMD 电感外壳/SMD Base N-1652 4+4 SMD Base (376-8)
    磁环插片/Toroidal Division Plate N-1676 磁环插片汇总
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1609/N-1610 20x30x10 , 中分
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1643 25x20x10 , 顶盖
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1751 25x40x15 , 中分
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1687/N-1688 31x19x15 , 中分,带隔片
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1469 36x22x15 , 中分,带隔片
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0431/N-0432 36x22x15 , 中分,带隔片
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1549/N-1550 48x23x20 , 中分
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0423/N-0424 25x10x16 , 2针,针距4.9mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0883/N-0884 32x12x124针,针距12.7x35.5mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0419 Φ28.0mm 磁环外壳
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0430 Φ50.0mm 磁环外壳
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0889/N-0890 93x74x18, 带出线孔
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1640 OD: Φ14.0mm, 磁环灌封外壳,3+3针,针排距12.7mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0273 OD: Φ15.0mm, ID:Φ10.0mm, 磁环灌封外壳,3针,针距4.2mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1631 OD: Φ15.7mm, ID:Φ6.2mm, 磁环灌封外壳, 3针孔
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1632 OD: Φ16.3mm, ID:Φ6.2mm, 磁环灌封外壳,2+2针,针孔距2.5x12.7mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0509 OD: Φ14.4mm,  ID:Φ6.5mm,磁环灌封外壳,2+2针,针距6.0x17.0mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1634 OD: Φ24.0mm, ID:Φ7.3mm 磁环灌封外壳,3+3针,针排距22.86mm
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-1125/N-1126 OD: Φ23mm, ID:Φ12mm 磁环灌封外壳,2+2+2
    磁环护壳/Toroidal Core Housing N-0879 OD: Φ29.0mm, ID:Φ15.5mm 磁环灌封外壳,2+4针,针排距34.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0274 25.0x50.0x10.0mm 方形外壳
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0300 30.0x17.0x34.0mm,方形外壳
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0907 18.0x38.0x16.3mm 方形外壳,孔距15.2mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0288 20.0x36.5x18.0mm 方形外壳,孔距15.3x23.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0409 8.5x18.0x9.0mm 方形外壳,2针,针距14.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0415 6.4x11.7x10.5mm 方形外壳,2+2针,针距7.6x10.2mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1623 6.85x13.2x10.8mm 外壳,2+2针,针距5.0x15.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0420 5.7x12.3x12.2mm 方形外壳,3+3针,排距7.5mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1624 8x16x17.5mm 外壳,4+4针,排距10.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1625 10x20x22.6mm 外壳,4+4针,排距12.5mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1745 13x25x28mm 外壳,4+4针,排距15.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1219 13x29x32mm 外壳,4+4针,排距15.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1627 13x30x31.5mm 外壳,4+4针,排距15.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0289 17.0x30.0x27.0mm 方形外壳,4+4针,排距27.5mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1628 17x33.0x33.0mm 外壳,4+4针,排距20.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1570 18.0x10.5x16.0mm SMD外壳,4+4针,排距10.8mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1621 21.5x39.5x42.1mm 外壳,4+4针,排距25.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0350 6.0x15.0x12.0mm 方形外壳,5+5针,排距7.6mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0349 6.2x12.5x12.0mm 方形外壳,5+5针,排距7.6mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1626 13x24.1x27.1mm 外壳,5+5针,排距15.0mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0290/N-0291 IDΦ34.8x41.0mm 筒形外壳,带底座,4针,针距22.8x28.3
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0292/N-0293 IDΦ16.6x33.2mm 筒形外壳,带底座,2针,针距16.0
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-0456 IDΦ10.2x11.5mm 筒形外壳
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1035 IDΦ8.5x5.0mm 筒形外壳
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1036 IDΦ8.5x10.0mm 筒形外壳
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1183 IDΦ5.7x1.7mm   2针,针距6.35mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1111 IDΦ8.7x3.63mm    2针,针距6.35mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1112 IDΦ8.7x3.63mm 2针,针距6.35mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1273 IDΦ14.2x6.6mm 2+2针,针距5.08x12.7mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1117 IDΦ15.3x10.0mm 2+2针,针距10x15mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1118 IDΦ20.8x12.0mm 2+2针,针距12.5x20mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1106 IDΦ24.6x14.0mm 2+2针,针距15x25mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1596 IDΦ30.5x17.0mm 2+2针,针距20x30mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1119 IDΦ30.6x17.0mm 2+2针,针距20x30mm
    电感外壳/Toroidal Core Case N-1120 IDΦ39x19.5mm 2+2针,针距20x39mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1607 Φ20.0磁环底座(80-B)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1606 Φ25.0磁环底座(100-B)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1608 Φ25.0磁环底座, 2+2针孔,孔距7.6x20.9mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1605 Φ44.0磁环底座(200-A)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1571 Φ45.0磁环底座
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1574 Φ45.0磁环底座, 2+2针孔,孔距6.25x12.5mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0404 2针,针距22.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1208 2针孔,孔距17.5mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1204 2针孔,孔距38.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1207 2针孔,孔距38.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0275 2+2针,针距2.4x5.6mm,Φ6.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1594 2+2针,针距4.5x10.0mm (T13  Base)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0594 2+2针孔,孔距5.0x10.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0898 2+2针孔,孔距5.0x14.0mm , (22  Base)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1448 2+2针孔,孔距5.08x12.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1447 2+2针孔,孔距5.08x14.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1142 2+2针,针距6.35x15.24mm , (100-4)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1130 2+2针,针距10.16x20.32mm (120-4)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1486 2+2针,针距12.2x10 /16.4mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0897 2+2针孔,孔距12.7x15.2mm , (T25  Base)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0736 2+2针,针距14.0x22.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1140 2+2针,针距15.24x22.86mm (160-0)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1602 2+2针,针距17.78x30.48mm (254-4)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0915 2+2针,针距21.0x30.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1595 2+2针,针距22.86x43.18mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0916 2+2针,针距30.5x21.6mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0917 3+3针孔,孔距30.5x21.6mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0282 3+3针,针距18.0x24.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0283 3+3针,针距27.0x32.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0402 3+3针,针排距 5.1mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1684 3+3针,针排距 6.35mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1452 3+3针,针排距 7.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0495 3+3针,针排距 8.9mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1128 3+3针,针排距 8.9mm (600-6)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1139 3+3针,针排距 21.5mm (600-6)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0672 3+3针,针距3.5x7.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1137 4+4针,针排距15.24mm,Φ11.4mm (450-6)
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0282 4+4针,针距36.0x24.2mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0283 4+4针,针距54.0x32.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0310 4+4针,孔距8.6x25.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0311 4+4针,针距5.0x7.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0315 5+5针,针距6.0x15.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0789 5+5针孔,孔距3.0x25.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-0382 7+7针,针距5.0x16.0mm
    磁环底座/ Toroidal Core Base N-1383 12+12针,排距7.0mm
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1070/N-1071 175.0x90.0x14.0mm电抗器底座、通风条
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1070/N-1072 175.0x75.0x14.0mm电抗器底座、通风条
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1613 4+4, 针距2.54x7.62mm
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1114 5+5针孔,孔距11.5x24.0mm
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1115 5+5针孔,孔距19.0x45.7mm
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1121 方形,内空101x106mm
    电感底座/ Inductor Base N-1170 方形,孔距58x115mm
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1102/N-1104 中孔Φ3.0x12.5mm 线圈骨架,带外壳
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0710 中孔Φ3.0x11.7mm 线圈骨架,2,针距6.0mm
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1648 中孔Φ3.4x8.0mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0280 中孔Φ3.5x18.5mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1145 中孔Φ4.0x3.5mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0753 中孔Φ4.2x22.5mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0585 中孔Φ4.6x9.2mm 电磁阀线圈骨架,2针,针距11.5mm
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1068 中孔Φ4.7x13.8mm 电磁阀线圈骨架,2针,针距10.2mm
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1436 中孔Φ4.6x10.0mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1456 中孔Φ4.8x23.5mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1444 中孔Φ4.9x19.3mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0633 中孔Φ4.9x31.0mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0808 中孔Φ5.0x36.0mm 线圈骨架,2+3针,针排距34.5mm
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0301 中孔Φ5.9x15.1mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0844 中孔Φ6.2x16.2mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1144 中孔Φ6.4x3.05mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1453 中孔Φ6.5x17.2mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0762 中孔Φ6.6x32.8mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0401 中孔Φ7.5x13.1mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1637 中孔Φ8.0x23.0mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1454 中孔Φ8.3x23.3mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1455 中孔Φ8.3x26.8mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0276 中孔Φ10.5x31.0mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1049 中孔Φ11.4x47.6mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1701 中孔Φ11.5x32.0mm 电磁阀线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0285 中孔Φ12.0x26.0mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0490 中孔Φ12.7x18.7mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0525 中孔Φ12.9x30.2mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0646 中孔Φ14.6x30.4mm 线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0735 Φ25.6x22.5x20.7mm 线圈骨架
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0369 中孔Φ7.3x28.5mm, 7槽高压线圈骨架
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0299 中孔Φ7.5x21.3mm, 4槽高压线圈骨架
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0410 中孔Φ7.5x36.4mm, 7槽高压线圈骨架
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0298 中孔Φ9.5x19.0mm, 6槽高压线圈骨架,2+2,针距12.5x16.6mm
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0378 中孔Φ9.5x19.0mm, 5槽高压线圈骨架,2+2,针距12.5x16.8mm
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0438 中孔Φ9.5x19.0mm, 5槽高压线圈骨架,2+2,针距12.5x16.7mm
    高压线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin  N-0560 中孔Φ16.5x14.4mm, 2槽高压线圈骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0302 方中孔7.0x7.7x42.4mm 方形骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0277 方中孔12x12x34mm 方形骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1355 方中孔14x32x33.6mm 方形骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0278 方中孔15x15x44mm 方形骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-0279 方中孔19x20x70.5mm 方形骨架
    线圈骨架/ Coil Bobbin N-1724 方中孔20.75x41.5x87.0mm 方形骨架
    M3.5螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0414 中孔Φ3.5mm
    M3.5螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-1707 中孔Φ3.5mm
    M4.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-1405 中孔Φ4.0mm
    M4.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0284 中孔Φ4.1mm
    M4.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0640 中孔Φ4.3mm
    M5.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0683 中孔Φ5.2mm
    M5.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0956 中孔Φ5.25mm
    M5.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0684 中孔Φ5.4mm
    M6.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0682 中孔Φ6.1mm
    M8.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0286 中孔Φ8.0mm  PPS
    M8.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0353 中孔Φ8.2mm  PPS
    M8.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0880 中孔Φ8.3mm  PA66
    M10.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0287 中孔Φ10.0mm  PPS
    M10.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0370 中孔Φ10.2mm  PPS
    M12.0螺丝垫圈/ Washer N-0413 中孔Φ12.2mm
    Φ3.5mm胶钉/胶帽 / Screw N-0744 Φ3.5x30.0mm/Φ3.5x20.0mm胶钉/胶帽
    Φ5.5mm胶钉/ Screw N-1297 Φ5.5x32.6mm胶钉
    Φ9.8xΦ4.2x1.0mm垫圈/ Washer N-0003 中孔Φ4.2mm
    Φ5.7xΦ4.9x2.4mm垫圈/ Washer N-1143 中孔Φ4.9mm
    Φ20.0mm垫圈/ Washer N-0615 中孔Φ5.0mm
    Φ7.4mm垫圈/ Washer N-0644 中孔Φ5.4mm
    Φ15.0x10.1x1.0mm垫圈/ Washer N-0733 中孔Φ10.1mm
    Φ15.8x9.8x4.8mm垫圈/ Washer N-0796 中孔Φ9.8mm
    马达转子侧片 N-0493/N-0494 中孔Φ10.0mm
    环形变压器压条 N-0613 环形变压器压条,4
    电线SR卡壳 N-0631 电线孔Φ7.4mm
    铜脚护套 N-0489 UL铜脚护套
    ADSL外壳 N-0281 ADSL 分线器外壳
    防爆器外壳 N-0651                                      N-0652                                      N-0653 防爆器外壳
    固定板 N-1279 2个孔距105mm
    6330风叶 N-1439 6330风叶
    6325风叶 N-1440 6325风叶
    卡座 N-1475 10301 G
    中周 N-1515 3+3针,排距 7.0mm

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